Landlords Agreement

For any Landlords wishing to use our service please see below our Terms & Conditions you agree to once we receive your instruction to market your property.

A. That the agent shall:

  1. Advertise and circulate details of the prospective tenants.
  2. Negotiate all terms and conditions of the proposed tenancy agreement with the prospective tenant on behalf of the landlord.
  3. Prepare the Tenancy Agreement and obtain the applicants signature to the same.
  4. Receive from the Tenant the initial rental payments and rental income and any deposit as required under the Tenancy Agreement.
  5. Transfer to the landlord all rental income received within twenty-one days of the receipt by the Agent of the said rental subject to section 2 of this Agreement.
  6. At the expiry of the Tenancy Agreement, carry out a final inspection at the property.
  7. Deduct from the rental income the Agents fees and other costs as referred to in section 2 of the Agreement.
  8. Hold any deposit received from the Tenant as the Landlords Agent and shall on demand by the Landlord pay that deposit to whom so ever the Landlord may direct after the proper deduction of the Agents fees and other items of a monetary nature, more particularly described elsewhere in this Agreement.
  9. Pay on behalf of the Landlord upon request any outgoings in respect of services provided upon the property and that are the responsibility of the Landlord.
  10. Undertake responsibility of arranging any emergency repairs to the property without further notice to the Landlord.
  11. Conduct accompanied viewings at the property with prospective tenants.
  12. Instruct appropriate professional to carry out all safety checks upon the property subject to contrary instructions and subject to section 3 of this Agreement.
  13. Carry out an inspection of the Property at the Tenancy Agreement.
  14. At the Landlords written request, carry out inspections of the Property during the Tenants occupation subject to section 2 of the Agreement.
  15. Notify the Landlord of any general maintenance requirements upon receipt of such notification from the Tenant and carry out such repairs up to a maximum limit of £300.00 per works item in the event the Landlord is unable to carry out the said repairs within seven days of our notification of the same.

B. Fees: That the Landlord shall pay to the Agent.

  1. A Commission of 10% on the gross amount of rental income received by the Agent.
  2. A setting up fee equivalent to 2 weeks rent to be deducted from the first months rent of the first tenancy.
  3. All other costs of fees as expressly and more particularly described elsewhere in this Agreement.

C. That the Landlord shall:

1.   Notify and obtain the written consent of his intention to let the property from:

A – Any holders of any charge over the Property.

B – The freeholder in cases of leasehold properties.

C – Any other party holding a legal interest in the property.

2    During the term of this Agreement refer all inquiries about the property to the Agent.

3    At no time communicate with the Tenant directly or indirectly without prior written consent of the Agent.

4    Adhere to all such terms and obligations as detailed under the Tenancy Agreement.

5    Permit the Agent to deduct all fees, charges, disbursements and other items of a monetary nature from the rental income and or any deposit paid the Tenant.

6    Pay for all legal costs that shall be incurred during the term of this Agreement.

D. Termination of this Agreement

  1. That no letting fee shall be payable to the Agent in the event that this agreement is terminated by either party prior to the Agent obtaining a tenant.
  2. That a fee equal to two weeks rent shall be payable to the Agent in the event that the landlord terminates this agreement after an application has been obtained but prior to a tenant taking up occupancy of the property
  3. That a fee equal to a months rent be payable to the Agent in the event that the Landlord has either;
    • A – Caused by act or omission directly or indirectly a breach of the terms held within this agreement and/or
    • B – Caused by act or omission directly or indirectly a breach of any of any of the terms with the Tenancy Agreement and / or
    • C – Terminates this agreement whilst a tenant procured by the Agent is in occupation of the time of termination.

E. General

  1. The Agent reserves the right to change or alter of the terms and conditions by giving one months notice to the Landlord.
  2. The Landlord shall not communicate with the tenant in any way during the Agents management of the property.
  3. That the Agent accepts no liability what so ever as a result of any claim, loss, damage arising directly or indirectly from the operation of the management service and the Rent Protection Insurance Policy.
  4. Rental payments paid out to the Landlord/s in good faith must be refunded back to Properties Plus if over payment has occurred. This applies to every instance.
  5. The above clauses only apply to Landlord/s wishing Properties Plus to manage the property on their behalf. Landlord/s wishing to manage the property themselves will be charged a three weeks set up fee, which is to be deducted from the first month’s rent and on handover of entire Tenant’s file.